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One of the many benefits of my Greek upbringing is that I learnt to speak up early - and charismatically. If you look for an expert for your event or training, I will happily contribute. My areas of expertise:

Feminist foreign policy

Feminism and its eternal pendant: anti-feminism as well as the current backlash against gender equality


Authoritarianism, both in terms of consolidated regimes and their subversion by social movements as well as rising authoritarian tendencies promoted by right-wing populists in democracies

Former communist Europe with a focus on Russia and Serbia and extensive knowledge on Belarus and Ukraine

Security, conflict and peace with emphasis on feminist visions of security, demilitarisation and how different masculinities relate to sexual and gender-based violence


Theater Baden

In a 90 minutes philosophy talk with Benjamin Ruch I showed, based on the example of Russia, how feminist political science theorises the relationship between gender violence, war and peace but also how gender influences and is influenced by authoritarianism and democracy. We also discussed how feminist foreign policy approaches these relationships (or not).

Philosophy talk on gender, war and democracy


Karl der Grosse

In light of the upcoming Swiss elections, I was invited on a roundtable on the topic "Are the People the Sovereign?" Together with Prof. Helen Keller, Mano Khalil and facilitated by Linda Sulzer, we discussed nation-building, minority rights, the rise of populism and citizens' role and margin in it.



Theater Basel

As part of Wagner's Ring being shown at Theater Basel, Jonas Gillmann and Marcel Schwald curated four late night talks with one invited guest. At this occasion, I spoke about the rise of authoritarianism, how it connects to anti-feminism and my impressions from my recent trip to Belgrade in terms of citizens' sense of their political agency.

Theater Basel mit Jonas Gillmann und Marcel Schwald


The Swiss think tank Denknetz organised a panel on the new feminist wave in Switzerland. Together with Elisabeth Joris, Xenia Wassihun, Anna-Beatrice Schmaltz and Nadja Mosimann we talked about the impact of the feminist strike(s), our personal relation to it and the counter-reactions against and challenges for this new feminist movement.

Denknetz Panel


Maison Heinrich Heine Panel

Together with Magali Lafourcade, French National consultative Commission for Human Rights, SciencesPo researcher Maxime Forest and prof. Uta Ruppert we discussed whether feminist foreign policy in France and Germany was a slogan or reality. It was organised by Maison Heinrich Heine and moderated by Spiegel Paris Chef, Britta Sandberg.


Munich Security Conference Side Event.jpeg
Munich Security Conference

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP), International Civil Action Network (ICAN) and the German Foreign Policy Council organised a side event on strongmen and anti-feminism. I spoke on the panel next to Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent of the FT, Gideon Rachman and ICAN founder, Sanam Anderlini. The discussion was moderated by CFFP co-founder, Kristina Lunz.


Young Scholar Award Ceremony

I am the proud recipient of the Young Scholar 2022 Prize, awarded by the Walter Benjamin Kolleg of the University of Bern. On the occasion of the ceremony, I organised a panel on feminist and civil society's perspectives on the war against Ukraine with documentary filmmaker, Lesia Kordonets, East European historian, Carmen Scheide and Melanie Pfändler as moderator.



Speech on anti-feminism in Russia

As part of their series Winter Speeches, I was invited by the cultural centre Karl*a der*die Grosse in Zurich to hold a 20min speech from their window onto a public square. I delivered a "feminist analysis as a response to authoritarian aggression". You can listen to or read the speech.


Feministische Aussenpolitik auch für die Schweiz? Ein Sondierungsgespräch am cercle des do
Panel on feminist foreign policy for Switzerland

alliance f organised a panel discussion for their donors in which we discussed the possibility of a feminist foreign policy for Switzerland together with green-liberal politician Tiana Angelina Moser and diplomat Flavia von Meiss, faciliatated by Dr. Katja Gentinetta.


Launch of research network Gender & Political Science

Dr. Elizabeth Mesok and I co-founded this research network to connect feminist political scientists and make our research more visible. We launched the netowrk with a public roundtable on anti-feminism with guest speaker Dr. Stefanie Boulila and Prof. Elisabeth Prügl.


Guest lecture

Women for Peace is one of the oldest feminist organisations in Switzerland.  For their annual meeting I held a lecture on feminist foreign policy and organised world cafés on different aspects of FFP.


Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 22.03.01.png
feministischer salon Basel

I featured next to Prof. Annick Wibben, Markus Theunert from and Natalina Haller from young WILPF Siwtzerland on a panel on masculinities, militarism and pacifism that was moderated by Franziska Schutzbach.


Online lecture

As a preparation for the study trip to Poland, I will lead a 3h workshop on the anti-feminist backlash in Eastern Europe for the Swiss and German participants of the course at  the feminist faculty Switzerland



Organised together with Dr. Dana Landau a roundtable discussion on Ukraine and the Westbalkan where we also featured as speakers alongside Dr. Adis Merdzanovic and Nikola Buric. The discussion was facilitated by Adelina Gashi and hosted at swisspeace.


ilanzer Sommer.jpg
Sommer in Ilanz

Spoke on an expert panel at the peace forum Ilanz on the implications of the war in Ukraine for Europe and the role Switzerland and civil society play. 


SRF Club zur neuen Phase im Krieg in der Ukraine
SRF Club

I brought my expertise in Russian authoritarianism to the debate on the new phase in the war in Ukraine hosted by the Swiss public broadcaster.


Panel debate

Together with Dr. Alex Bolfass from CSS ETH Zurich we analysed the historical origins of the invasion of Ukraine and its implications for peace and security on a panel hosted by Reatch.


SRF Club Kriegsverbrechen.jpg
SRF Club

In a debate format on war crimes in Ukraine, hosted by the Swiss public broadcaster, I featured as an expert on Russia and gender-based violence.


Screenshot 2022-03-20 at 12.47.40.png

Together with reporter Anna Jikhareva and historian Olha Martynyuk, I featured on a WOZ panel on Ukraine that tried to make sense of the war and discuss paths to peace.


Guest Lecture

Prof. Eléonore Lépinard invited me to hold a guest lecture in her course Human Rights and Gender Equality. I covered the history of feminist anti-militarist struggles and how they led to the historic UN Women, Peace and Security agenda and how that agenda is implemented (or not).



My DPhil thesis was awarded an honorable mention by the Swiss Association for Gender Studies because of its "particular political relevance for transnational feminism". It is only the second time SAGS gives such an award.

Brigitte Schnegg Prize Ceremony


Women's parliament

I was one the 246 women who got elected to participate in the 2nd historic women only parliamentary session which was organised to showcase women's demands 50 years after we earned suffrage. I used the opportunity to speak about Feminist Foreign Policy.


Science rendez-vous

Reatch organised a event where the general public and pupils could learn more about science and gender. I held a booth on how feminism interacts with democarcy and peacebuilding



I held a lecture on my doctoral research on the anti-gender backlash in authoritarian regimes at the feminist faculty Switzerland, an association with the aim to make feminist knowledge more widely accessible.


Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 19.45.39.png

In the month of the Francophonie I had the pleasure to hold a guest lecture on 50th years women suffrage in Switzerland at the University of Comenius (Slovakia). I thank the Institut Français & the Swiss Embassy in Bratislava for the opportunity!


Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 11.16.52.png
Guest speaker

I spoke about my research and my experience at Oxford, the personal trajectory that brought me there as well as the path I have taken since at the alumni Assocation Swiss Friends of Oxford University.



I was invited to speak alongside Dr. Lucy Wooding and Eirian Yem at my alma mater, Lincoln College, Oxford, about why the study of gender matters today.


Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 00.27.09.png

I had the pleasure to present my finished DPhil thesis at the Gender Centre of the Geneva Graduate Institute.

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